Tiktok Leaked Documents Show Chinese Communist Countries Stealing US User Data

Media reports have confirmed leaked recordings of internal meetings from Tiktok’s parent company, ByteDance, confirming the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is snooping through Tiktok for U.S. user data.

Leaked audio files of more than 80 meetings show that Chinese employees of Tiktok had repeated access to U.S. user data. Among the audio clips from dozens of meetings, 14 statements by nine TikTok employees mention that the ByteDance’s engineers who have close ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have had access to non-public U.S. user data since at least September 2021.One of the audio clips featured a TikTok executive who referred to one of ByteDance engineers as a “Master Admin” and said he had access to all data.

In a recording of another meeting that same month, a member of TikTok’s security department said that the CCP can access all the US data from Tiktok. Although TikTok executives reportedly stated under oath at a Senate hearing in October 2021 that TikTok’s “world-renowned U.S. security team” decided who could access the data, eight different members of the taped document spoke of U.S. staff not having access nor knowing how to access the data on their own. They had to turn to colleagues in China to determine what had happened to the U.S. user data. To address concerns about user security, TikTok said in a blog post that it had migrated its U.S. users’ data to servers operated by Oracle.

Adam Segal, director of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program, said the physical location of storing the data is not the main concern here. The main concern is that if the CCP still has access to the data, it will still end up in the hands of the CCP’s intelligence services. During the Trump administration, he suggested that the CCP would gain access to U.S. personal data through illegal means. He pointed out that Tiktok has direct ties to the CCP and poses a threat to U.S. national security.

Miles Guo told the world already at the very beginning of the Whistleblower Movement that the CCP was constantly infiltrating countries around the world through the blue-gold-yellow strategy to achieve its evil goal of controlling the whole world. This leak of the Tiktok recording documents shows the world the ugly face of the Chinese Communist Party with irrefutable evidence.

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