Diplomatic blackmail? Japanese congressman sentenced to life imprisonment for drug smuggling by CCP

On the 20th, the second trial of Takuma Sakuragi, a 78-year-old former city councilor in Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture, was held by the High People’s Court (High Court), Beijing Current Affairs reported. He was sentenced in the first trial to indefinite imprisonment for drug smuggling in Guangdong Province, Communist China.

According to the defender, the defendant Sakuragi claimed innocence like in the first trial, saying, “I didn’t know the contents of the baggage. It was used by being deceived.” This trial was concluded on the same day. He appeals against the judgment. Based on the prosecution and the defense statement, the first-instance decision was made on the same day, according to the defense attorney. Defendant Sakuragi also participated online, denied intentional drug smuggling for more than an hour, and asked to acquit himself.

The defendant Sakuragi found more than 3 kilograms of stimulants in his luggage at the Guangzhou Airport in Guangdong Province in 2013 and was sentenced to life imprisonment and appealed in 2019 in the city’s Intermediate People’s Court (district court).

Under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), there is no rule of law. The CCP can frame, arrest, sentence, and kill anyone at will. Diplomatic blackmail has never been absent in the history of the CCP, but the target is Japanese this time.

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