Communist China Bans Tesla Vehicles From Entering Coastal Town

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials will temporarily ban Tesla vehicles from China’s coastal resort town of Beidaihe, which reportedly often hosts secretive government meetings.

According to Reuters, a source from the town’s Traffic Police Brigade confirmed Teslas will be banned from the town for two months beginning July 1, possibly due to fears of spy activity.

The decision follows restrictions placed on Tesla vehicles a month earlier, which stopped them from entering Chengdu city ahead of a visit by CCP President Xi Jinping.The Beidaihe Traffic Police Brigade official did not specify the reason for the vehicle ban.However, he said the restrictions involved so-called national affairs.Furthermore, CCP officials often choose Beidaihe as their gathering place to discuss policy ideas. All Tesla vehicles have eight cameras and sensors, providing drivers 360 degrees of visibility at up to 250 meters of range to power Autopilot. Although neither the Beidaihe official nor Reuters mentioned these features, Zerohedge writer Tyler Durden speculates the cameras will likely pose a threat to the CCP.In 2021, the CCP’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) banned Teslas due to their multiple camera features, which can record and send data back to Tesla to improve its Autopilot.

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said the vehicles did not spy, and Chinese Teslas are rerouted to send their data to domestic data centres.

However, the cars still face intense scrutiny from the CCP over spying fears.

Meanwhile, America has banned its Department of Defense from purchasing Chinese-made drones over fears they are spying on US infrastructure.

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