The United States Wants to Tear Down the CCP’s Great Firewall

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed an important bill, China Social Media Reciprocity Act. The bill stipulates that Communist Chinese officials, media, United Front Work, and foreign propaganda organizations are not allowed to use U.S. social network platforms until Communist Chinese government agrees that Chinese people can freely access U.S. social networking platforms.

The statute of limitations is two years, and any failure by the CCP to open up within two years will result in a permanent ban on the official use of U.S. social media platforms by the CCP! This news indicates the beginning of the U.S. adding pressure on the CCP.

Comment: This bill is a sign that the day people know the world and the truth is not far away; those CCP old mongrels, how will they feel about this? The Whistleblower Movement spearheaded by Mr. Guo keeps bringing surprising good news. I look forward to the good days after the eradication of the CCP.

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