Russian Troops in Ukraine Suffer Serious Morale Set-back

When the British Ministry of Defense (MOD) released the latest war situation observation in Ukraine on the 19th, it pointed out that the Severo Donetsk front line in the fierce battle has hardly changed, but the morale of the Russian army has continued to raise concerns recently.

The British MOD pointed out that both Ukrainian and Russian troops continued to fight fiercely in the Donbas region, and the morale of both Ukrainian and Russian fighters had been affected, but the situation of Russian troops refusing higher orders continued to occur. The British MOD said the problems of low morale in the Russian army included low leadership at the top of the Russian army and limited opportunities for troops to rotate out of combat, heavy casualties, extreme combat pressure, poor logistics, and unpaid salaries etc.

The Russian authorities have set the tone for the Ukrainian-Russian war as a “special military operation” rather than a “war”, causing personnel at all levels of the Russian military to be puzzled about the goals of the war. Consequently, the morale problem of the Russian army is very serious, which in turn limits the ability of the Russian army to complete its combat objectives.

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