Captured Russian military pilot confesses his identity as a Wagner Group mercenary

There was a rumor that the Ukrainian military have shot down a Russian Su-25 fighter jet and captured the pilot on the 19th, and now the identity of the pilot has been leaked out and he was a former Russian Air Force major Andrey Fedorchuk, and is currently a member of the Wagner Group mercenaries.

Based on comprehensive sources from various media, the former Russian Air Force major Fedochukov confessed during the inquiry that he was a member of the Wagner Group mercenaries and he was paid 205,000 rubles a month to fight in Ukraine; Fedorchukov said that he was involved in the bombing of cities in Ukraine and was shot down this time during a raid on an Ukrainian armed force base.

Andrey Fedorchukov captured (left) and and his family (right)

Picture Source: Twitter/Liberty Times Net Taiwan

Fedorchukov knew that he could not be exchanged as prisoners of war between Ukraine and Russia because of his identity as mercenary and he is willing to undertake his crimes.

“Wikipedia” information shows that the Wagner Group is a Russian paramilitary organization and is classified as a private military service company. Some German media cited relevant intelligence from the German Federal Intelligence Service, pointing out that the Wagner Group was involved in the Bucha massacre.

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