Many Man-made Disasters Have Led to A Decline in The Logistics and Transportation of Communist China

It was reported that according to the State Council logistics to ensure smooth work leading group office monitoring summary data, on 18 June, national freight logistics and rail freight data continues to maintain a high level of operation, carrying 10.955 million tons of goods, essentially unchanged from the ring. National highway truck traffic 7,132,400, down 6.08%; civil aviation to protect cargo flights 848 classes (including 605 international cargo flights, domestic cargo flights 243 classes), down 5.9%.

According to statistics from April 2020 to January 2022, the total closure of the city has led to a 67% increase in the cost of transporting goods and sales within the city. After a full closure of the city for one month, the flow of trucks in the city will be reduced to 41% of the original in the current month. Taking the four largest cities of the Communist Party of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen) as an example, one month after the full closure of the city, the city’s real economic income will decrease by 61% from the initial 39%.

With the weather at the north and south poles, the outbreak of vaccine sequelae, and the quarantine prevention and control policy implemented by Communist China, various man-made disasters are frequent, and it is not surprising that freight logistics have fallen sharply. The economic collapse will eventually lead to the fall of Communist China until its demise.

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