CCP to Supply Aircraft Parts to Russia

On June 17th, the Communist China’s Russian embassy told media the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is preparing to supply aircraft parts to Russia.

The West imposes economic sanctions on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, both Boeing and Airbus have stopped servicing the aircraft operated by Russia airline companies, including a ban on leasing and supplying aircraft to Russia as well as a ban on exporting goods and parts to Russia. Communist China refused to supply parts to Russian aircrafts over fears of the U.S. sanctions in March; on June 17th, Communist China claimed that they were very willing to provide aircraft parts to Russian and there were no restrictions on such cooperation.

Communist China has been the backing supporter of the Russian-Ukrainian War, but it’s rarely disclosed in the media. The Communist China’s media propaganda aggressively cooperates this time, that the unrestricted cooperation with Russia is automatically opposes the world’s peace.

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