Beelines Happen at Shanghai Banks After Lockdown Lifted

Entering June, the lockdown in Shanghai has been lifted, the bank branches have returned to operation and their daily business is peaking, especially the elder who often lineup have caused much concern in the society. According to some Shanghai residents, a branch on Tianyaoqiao Road in Xuhui District has had a long waiting line since the beginning of June and a few hours of waiting was not rare.

Some elders have to come to the bank early in the morning in order to get a number. They usually have a greater need for cash because they don’t know how to shop online. In case the ATM is not in operation, they have to go to the bank cashiers. As a pandemic safety measure, the bank is limiting the ticket numbers they distribute every day, which can’t meet the demand.

This situation in Shanghai has already been ongoing for over half a month. This lockdown has awakened a lot of people, Shanghai airport is overcrowded and international flights are in big demand, workers from surrounding areas have also fled the city.

Under the ruling of theChinese Communist Party (CCP), it took only three months for Shanghai, an international metropolis, to be knocked back to its original shape. This lockdown has caused people to lack food, medicine, and hospital care. People are not able to go to work, but couldn’t escape from the PCR test even once. Building closure, neighborhood shutdown, quarantine in the mobile cabin hospitals are horrific pandemic measures that have never been heard of in the entire world. However, none of the car loan or mortgage can be exempted. People don’t see hope in Shanghai.

The economy in the Communist China is dire, while the ignorant Chinese are suffering.

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