Russian Warships Pass Through the Izu Islands, Chinese Warships Pass Through the Soya Strait

The Japan Ministry of Defense announced that seven Russian navy vessels traveling south of the Pacific Ocean have newly passed near the Izu Islands for the first time.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s escort vessels confirmed that seven Russian Navy vessels were heading southwestward in the Pacific Ocean southeast of Inubozaki, Chiba on the morning of April 16th.

According to the Ministry of Defense, seven ships have been confirmed to have moved further and traveled southwest between Smith Island and Torishima in the Izu Islands from the night of the 16th, to the morning of the 17th.

It was also confirmed that two Chinese Navy missile destroyers passed through the Soya Strait to the east around noon on the 16th.

The Ministry of Defense continues to be vigilant, saying Russia and China are intensifying.

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