HK officials orders foreign English teachers in gov schools to sign a declaration of allegiance to the city

Imagine this: you work in a foreign country and your boss tells you, you have to swear allegiance to their government, or else you’ll be fired. What would you do?

Well, a not too different scenario has come up for many English teachers in Hong Kong. NTD’s Don Ma has the details. Hong Kong officials are ordering foreign English language teachers working in government schools to sign a declaration swearing allegiance to the city. China expert David Zhang and host of Epoch TV’s China Insider says having foreign teachers swear allegiance is to keep them in line with Chinese laws.

They want to prevent foreigners who are not bound or have not traditionally been bound by these Chinese measures to say things or educate children on issues that would be deemed politically sensitive in China. They’re trying to prevent anybody that wants to talk out of line, so to speak.

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