CCP Sends Ex Supreme Judge to Testify in Cyprus, to Extradite Citizens of NFSC

During the Live Broadcast on June 9th, Miles Guo revealed some detailed updates regarding the “extradition case” involving two Chinese fellow fighters living in Cyprus; Miles said that the mother and son, two fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), has been in court to fight against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for their extradition case in Cyprus, the “witness” was also sent by the CCP; this is the second court trial since the first trial of the “extradition case” in Jan 2022.

According to a media report, 5 months ago, on Jan 22, 2022, the Cypriot court ordered the two fellow fighters to be released on bail of 25,000 euros after the first court trial of the “extradition case”.

Later, Miles stated that the fellow fighter’s victory in the court against the CCP’s extradition is because of the support of the NFSC, and all the behind-the-scene efforts made by the NFSC; and facing the next trial coming up on June 16th, both the fellow fighters and the lawyer are feeling confident.

Miles further revealed that during the second trial of the “extradition case” on June 9th, the “witness” is called Wang Xiumei, who gives a scripted testimony in court, and is the representative of the highest power of the law enforcement of the CCP; Wang Xiumei is scheduled to show up in court again in the third trial of the “extradition case” on June 16th.

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