British Prime Minister Visited Kiev and Expressed His Full Support for Ukraine

According to news on June 18th, major foreign television reports said that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reconfirmed his intention to fully support Ukraine at a joint press conference after holding talks with Ukrainian President Zelensky in Kiev on the 17th. This is the second time Prime Minister Johnson has visited Kiev after Russia invaded Ukraine in February this year.

Prime Minister Johnson, who will have a by-election next week, visited Kiev on the same day but canceled his schedule to attend the main party event. He also said, “We will support the ‘strategic endurance’ that Ukraine needs and proposed to educate the Ukrainian army.” Although the specifics of the program were not specified, the UK said it would educate 10,000 Ukrainian troops every 120 days at unspecified sites outside Ukraine.

Johnson said, “The British-led educational project can change the way of this war” and encouraged the Ukrainian army. President Zelensky of Ukraine expressed his gratitude for this.

In addition, Prime Minister Johnson’s visit that day followed the Kiev visit of the heads of France, Germany, Italy, and Romania the day before. After the heads of state of the four countries met with President Zelensky the day before, they also expressed their support for Ukraine’s candidature for the European Union (EU).

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