Xi Encouraged Putin’s Aggressive Act in Phone Calls

It is reported on June 16: a U.S. State Department spokesman expressed concern on June 15 about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s collaboration with Russia, warning that any country stand with Russia on Ukraine issue would be on the wrong side of history.
The spokesman said: “Communist China claims to be neutral, but its action shows that it still has close relationship with Russia.

Hours earlier, Communist China’s General Secretary Xi Jinping had a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he showed support for Russia’s sovereignty and security, and did not denounce the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, he also criticized Western countries’ sanctions against Russia and the practice of supplying weapons to Ukraine. This is believed diplomatic support for Russia through such actions.

Communist China still stands on Russia’s side, three months into the invasion, and has kept showing its support for Russia in the international community, the spokesman said. In international organizations, the CCP speaks in defense of Russia, repudiates Russia’s anti-humanitarian actions in Ukraine, saying it was fake.

Any country that stands on side of Vladimir Putin will sooner or later realize that it is on the wrong side of history, the spokesman warned.

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