Tangshan Public Security System to Launch Real-Name Reporting of Atrocities

On June 10, a group of men brutally assaulted four women in a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. The violent incident has aroused a high degree of public concern about social security, the underworld evil involved and the umbrella behind it. The city then announced that it would improve law and order, so one after another, people appeared on the Internet with their ID cards in hand, making videos to report similar experiences they went through and hoping to seek justice.

The video was uploaded to the Internet, telling their own experience with the evil underworld elements, hoping to take advantage of the “Tangshan beating case” of this boom to seek justice. It is understood that within three days, I have received eight reports, including two incidents in which the police investigation has failed.

On June 16, a Tangshan whistleblower told the media in Beijing that on June 14, two government officials from his hometown, Tangshan, made a memorable trip to Beijing to talk to him for more than 10 hours.

He is demanding that the online postings because “this matter” in his hometown should not affect the image of society.

According to the Sina Weibo administrator, on the 13th, to prevent people from using the Tangshan restaurant attack to publish harmful comments and disrupt the network order maliciously, Weibo disposed of 14,546 offending microblogs, banned 8,182 offending accounts and closed 1007 severe offending accounts. Did Sina Weibo restrict so many charges related to Tangshan?

Of course not. It must have been the Tangshan public security system that requested Sina Weibo delete it, just like a few months ago, the Xuzhou chained woman incident. In China, it is impossible to publish whatever you want, and how is it possible to rely on public opinion to govern the forces of underworld evil?

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