Israeli Submarine-Launched Drone Can Loiter for Nearly One Hour

Israeli firm Spear has unveiled a new drone, the Ninox 103, which launches from a submarine and loiters for nearly an hour, and provides surveillance while the launch platform is still submerged, report has it on June 11.

The system, which was demonstrated during the Trident Spectre exercise off the coast of Virginia last year, is fully developed, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is currently using it as a drone evaluation program.

The drone is designed for invisible underwater launch and is equipped with an “autonomous” artificial intelligence (AI)-based system. A submarine “can release (the Ninox-103) from underwater without revealing itself, and then (operators) gets a very long and high-distance observation capability.

The UAV is so mobile and flexible that it can be used both as a communications relay device for intelligence gathering and as a loitering munition.

This UAV can fly for up to 50 minutes and, depending on wind and other issues, its communication range reaches 10 kilometers while flying at a speed of 37 kilometers per hour. It can carry 1-kilogram payload, which can be optical devices or other equipment.

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