The Commerce Department is taking steps to protect sensitive defense technologies

The Commerce Department is taking steps to protect sensitive defense technologies. That’s by suspending three US-based firms from exporting satellite and rocket technology to China for 180 days. The suspension is renewable. These companies have been getting domestic orders to 3D print satellite, rocket, and defense-related prototypes. But instead of printing them here, these companies send the blueprint and technical drawings to Chinese manufacturers, and then import the items back to the United States. All this without the customer’s consent or knowledge. The Commerce Department officials says by sending their customers technical drawings and blueprints to China, these companies may have saved a few bucks. They did so at the collective expense of protecting US military technology. The three companies are based in North Carolina. They are Quicksilver Manufacturing Incorporated, Rapid Cut LLC, and US Prototype Incorporated. The Commerce Department says investigation is still underway. It’s calling on customers of these companies to check whether their intellectual property has been compromised.

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