Taiwan Legislative President You Si-kun warns the CCP to think twice on invading Taiwan

On June 12, Taiwan Legislative President You Si-kun delivered a video speech on the Taiwan Overseas Network under the title of “The will to defend Taiwan is the most important thing in protecting Taiwan – the revelation of the Russia-Ukraine war”. You said: “When I was the legislative president, I was somehow informed that the Yunfeng missile had been mass-produced and the media reported that it was ready to strike on Beijing. However, what is the purpose of this missile? It is not for starting a war, nor for aggression against Communist China. Taiwan and Communist China are two independent country and should remain a mutual non-aggression status. Taiwan will not be the initiator to attack Beijing, Shanghai and the Three Gorges, but we have this ability. However, if Communist China attacks us, they should realize that we are capable to strike on Beijing directly.”

You Si-kun highlighted that Taiwan has excellent weapons, and the anti-stinger and javelin missiles used by the Ukrainians against the Russian invaders are also in Taiwan’s military arsenal. Communist China needs to ask itself: Is it cost-effective to invade Taiwan? It will exhaust their national strength.”The CCP leadership should think twice, because Taiwan is not that easy to take.”

Under the circumstance that the US, Europe, and Japan have adopted a series of legislation to protect Taiwan, along with their leaders, that have also made statements promising to protect Taiwan. This finally gives the Taiwanese leaders enough confidence, saying that Taiwan’s missiles are capable of attacking Beijing and telling Beijing to think twice before taking any actions.

For the Taiwanese, it is unlikely they will put up a heroic resistance as that of the Ukrainians did without guaranteed support from the U.S. and Japan. Now, the Legislative President You has said that Taiwan’s missiles is capable of reaching Beijing, indicating that the commitment from the US and Japanese to protect Taiwan has taken effect.

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