Russian Inflation Rate Could be Close to 14 Percent in 2022

Inflation rate in Russia might be close to 14 percent in 2022, Russia’s central bank governor said on Thursday. And she also said that prices had went up faster in March than the central bank had initially expected after the sanctions were implemented by the west.
She added in a speech at Russia’s flagship annual economic forum in St. Petersburg that Russia’s economic contraction in 2022 will also be milder than initially concerned.

Economies around the world have seen soaring prices due to viruses and war, Ukraine must be inevitably the worst injured country because of Russia’s invasion, the Russian people will pay a heavy price for Putin’s war. There are many young brainwashed nationalists in Russia who are still supporting Putin’s war like Communist China. They don’t realize that common people are not only the victims of war but also undertake all the consequences of war. This is tragedy of the common people.

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