German Ambassador: Defeat Russia, Support Ukraine at All Cost

It is reported that German Ambassador Clemens von Goetze said in a meeting of the Press Club of Japan in Tokyo on June 16 that he would do his best to support Ukraine’s resistance to Russia, saying that Russia “must pay the price in failure.”

Ambassador Goetze also stressed the need for consistent assistance to continue to support Ukraine in defending its sovereignty and territory. Germany will also actively provide weapons to Ukraine to solve problems such as refugee hospitality.

Since the reunification of East and West Germany after the Cold War, Germany and Russia have maintained a strategic partnership, especially on energy issues with a mutually supportive relationship. However, after Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, the two countries find themselves in disagreement on non-expansion and non-invasion ideology.

In addition, polls also showed many countries are disgusted by Russia’s invasion, which prompted Germany to make up its mind to support Ukraine. If Germany immediately starts to take swift action to promote defense initiatives and significantly increase defense spending and reduce its dependence on Russia for fossil fuels in energy issues, coupled with its cooperation with Japan in developing hydrogen energy technology, it is obvious that Germany and other countries around the world are stepping up the pace to defeat Russia.

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