CCP’s Internal Struggle Will Trigger Military and Political Revolutions

On June 12, in a livestream, Miles Guo pointed out that Jiang Zhicheng, Li Keqiang and Han Zheng are all confident about discharging Xi Jinping in the 20th Party Congress with no accident. The recent prominent positional changes in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have been out all American politician’s expectation. The CCP insiders said that the mayor and party secretary of Shanghai will be replaced, and secretary and governor of Guangdong may also be changed.

Miles said that Zhang Yiming, who is a close to Meng Jianzhu, was appointed as the new Ambassador of UAE recently, and some ministries and commissions promoted many people from Zeng Qinghong’s Central Organization Department, and these personnel changes reflect that Zeng Qinghong and Meng Jianzhu are still very influential, while Wang Qishan also has ambitions to return to the 20th Party Congress.

This year, Communist China may experience frequent natural disasters and political crisis triggered by financial collapse. Miles Guo believes that the CCP’s political struggles may lead to regional military revolutions and political and legal revolutions. If the CCP triggers a war, even without internal military or a political revolution, the CCP will be destroyed.

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