CCP ‘Wolf Warrior’ Yang Jiechi asks US to ‘Correct’ its Behavior

According to foreign media reports on June 14th, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with Yang Jiechi, director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CCP Central Committee, in Luxembourg, Europe, on Monday, June 13th.

A senior White House official revealed that the meeting between the two lasted about four and a half hours, continuing a series of regional and global security issues involved in the call between the two on May 18th this year, including “frank” discussions of the key regional issues such as the United States, China and Taiwan.

Sullivan stressed the importance of maintaining open lines of communication to manage competition between the two countries.
Yang Jiechi spent much of the meeting berating Sullivan on the Taiwan issue, asking Washington to correct its strategic view of the CCP and “make the right choice.”

Reports say that on the Taiwan issue, the CCP still falsely insists that Taiwan is an island country off the coast of China and a province of China.

The White House has released little information about the meeting or detailed comments from Sullivan about Yang.

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