Xi Jinping Signs “Outline of Military Non-War Military Actions” to Prepare for Attacking Taiwan

The Chinese Communist Party’s official media, Xinhua News Agency, said on June 13 that Xi Jinping recently signed an order to release the “Outline of Military Non-War Military Actions (Trial)”, which will come into effect on June 15, 2022.

The so-called “Non-War Military Actions” means conducting acts of war without recognizing the facts of war. It is the same as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Putin called a “special military operation”.

In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has been intimidating Taiwan by force, and military aircraft have been disturbing Taiwan. At the Shangri-La Conference Dialogue on June 11, U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin said the United States would continue to fulfill its commitments under the Taiwan Relations Act, including assisting Taiwan with adequate self-defense capabilities. Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said in a tit-for-tat statement that cross-strait reunification “must be achieved” and that “if anyone dares to split Taiwan, we will not hesitate to fight”.

During the meetings with U.S. military officials over the last three months, Chinese military officials have repeatedly insisted that the Taiwan Strait is not international waters. In fact, most of the Strait is recognized as international waters, and U.S. warships have passed through the Strait many times.

Given Xi’s gambling personality and the continuing downward economic situation in mainland China, Xi is likely to make a big move on Taiwan to establish prestige before the 20th National Congress. To continue his success in re-election, Xi Jinping’s only option for gaining power and combating his political opponents is to launch an external attack on Taiwan and declare a state of emergency.

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