Merchants in Shanghai’s Largest Clothing Wholesale Market Marched To Demand Rent Refunds and Were Violently Suppressed by Police

On June 13, on Qipu Road, a well-known clothing wholesale business district in Shanghai, hundreds of merchants took to the streets to protest, demanding the return of rent and management fees from the mall, which was violently suppressed by the police.

According to The Epoch Times, the once prosperous Qipu Road clothing market in Shanghai was closed for nearly three months due to the “zero-COVID” policy adopted by the CCP authorities to lock down Shanghai, causing a large number of merchants to suffer heavy losses during this period.

A video shows hundreds of merchants holding signs saying “No rent refund, no open”, shouting “Refund, refund!”, demanding the mall to waive rent and management fees during the lockdown period. However, soon after, the CCP dispatched special police to the scene to maintain stability. Some merchants said that there were fewer than 100 police officers and more than a dozen police cars. Six or seven merchants were arrested; some were injured, bleeding, and some were wounded in the head. So far, the arrested merchants have not been released.

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