US ambassador to China: Sino-US relations at a 50-year low

On Thursday (June 9, 2022), Nicholas Burns, the current US ambassador to China, stated that the current US-China relationship may be the worst since diplomatic relations were established, dating back to former President Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China in 1972.
Burns said in a video message to Utah Valley University’s China Challenge Summit on Thursday, “This is probably the lowest moment since then.” “It appears that we have an endless rivalry.”
Burns noted that the United States and China have “significant differences” in areas ranging from the economy and technology to security and human rights. He claimed that Beijing was “starting a military power struggle with the United States and its allies, including Japan, South Korea, and Australia.”
According to Burns, Americans believe the Chinese Communist Party is breaking economic and trade rules. He also stated that the world’s two largest economies are competing fiercely in key future industries such as AI and biotechnology. According to Burns, “business competition is based on fairness,” but “the Chinese are looking to militarise many of these technologies, which is a real challenge for us.”
“By far the most important relationship we have is with the People’s Republic of China,” Burns said. “I’m sorry to say that I believe the relationship is in a bad way.”
“Our relationship with the People’s Republic of China is by far the most important of any country in the world,” Burns said. “I’m sorry to say that I believe the relationship is in a very difficult state.”
Burns also criticised the CCP’s suppression of human rights. He cited China’s recent crackdown on its own citizens, including dramatic changes in Hong Kong’s policy, law, and order. He claimed that Beijing had “smothered” all remaining freedoms in Hong Kong, and in Xinjiang, he reiterated US accusations that the CCP’s persecution amounted to genocide.

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