Singapore’s difficulties and it’s vague stance on Communist China

In the live broadcast on June 12, Miles Guo mentioned that Singapore is an economic vassal of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and it is impossible to survive without the CCP.

The Lee family of Prime Minister of Singapore is 100% controlled by the CCP, and the Ministry of Security of the CCP (MSS)has a special working group to monitor this particular family. The CCP also controls 70% of the terminals in Singapore. If the CCP maliciously manipulating freight prices, do not allowed the ships to dock, or stop the local finance linking the CCP, the whole of Singapore will collapse immediately.

Singapore is actually a country that loves the United States, but it has to align itself and follow the CCP due to the CCP’s threat of blackmailing, defrauding, and installing secret polices. A large number of money in banks and financial instruments in Singapore are associated with the CCP’s criminal activities. Recently, Alvin Jiang (Jiang Zemin’s grandson) has relocated many companies to Singapore, while Singapore has issued digital banking licenses to the CCP’s Shanghai group companies such as Greenland and Ant Financial. Countless charlatans like Changpeng Zhao(CZ, founder of Binance backed by the CCP) will appear in Singapore. The CCP will use Singapore as a bridge ’s to start an unrestricted warfare of finance and data manipulation against the West .

After taking down the CCP, Singapore may disappear as an independent country. However, even if the CCP remains, Western countries will still stay away from Singapore by times.

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