Blinken’s China Policy Speech Blocked by CCP

One day after US Secretary of State Blinken delivered a China policy speech in Washington on May 27, the full text of the speech was no longer available on the Internet in Communist China.

The US embassy in China published an article on its WeChat account about Blinken’s Speech of the administration’s approach to Communist China. The article is a complete translation of the speech he made at George Washington University on Thursday. In what observers viewed as a dovish speech, the US will compete with Communist China in all aspects while continuously improving its strength and consolidating its cooperation with its allies.

However, Blinken also emphasized that the US will not seek regime change or start a new cold war with Communist China. Unfortunately, the article was blocked by WeChat a few hours after it was published. When the attempt is made to open the report, a red exclamation mark appears with a line of text “ The content is temporarily unavailable.”

WeChat didn’t give any reason for blocking the article except the line of text. Weibo also censored content related to the speech and any screenshot with the speech text will be blocked. Besides, links to the speech on the US embassy website in China cannot be published on Weibo, and any such attempt will trigger a system warning from Weibo that prompts such links to be “insecure”. In addition, The Blinken speech-related discussion is also restricted on Weibo. Click on hot search topics with “Blinken delivers China policy speech,” The content displayed comes from official or verified accounts. It’s been considered rare for the CCP to block articles published by the US embassy in Communist China, but the frequency of such an approach by the CCP is continuously rising.

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