Assassination of The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Leaders Becomes Legal and Just

On June 12th, Miles Guo mentioned in the Grand Live Broadcast that the expose of the CCP by the Whistleblower Movement has made the West identify the CCP as genocide criminals. In this case, anyone’s assassination of the CCP leaders will be considered just and innocent.

Miles said that the current world trend has shifted to taking down the CCP, and over 60% Americans hate the CCP, as such historical trend could not be reversed by countless American traitors, who might be able to do something in subtle ways to benefit the CCP, which is inevitable due to the capitalism of the United States that worships money more than anything else, and the CCP’s desperate will to survive. However, the development of history does not depend upon personal feelings, but only on strength.

The expose of the CCP in the past five years by the Whistleblower Movement has plunged the CCP into the Tacitus trap. Meanwhile, the US believes the regime has committed genocide in Xinjiang and destructed Hong Kong, which serves as the hardest blow to the CCP, along with its backing for another killing machine, Russia, as a result, the CCP leaders are afraid to leave Communist China to anywhere else. Therefore, anyone who assassinates Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Wei Fenghe and others, including shooting down their planes, will be a just and legal act, and will be considered innocent in future court trials.

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