Ukraine Wants to Buy Iron Dome Rocket Defense System From Israel to Defend Russia

Ukraine is seeking to buy the Iron Dome rocket defense system from Israel to defend the Russian invasion. Media reports said the Ukrainian ambassador had asked Israel to sell and provide anti-tank missiles at a news conference in Tel Aviv. On Tuesday, Yevgen Kornichuk did not appear to accuse Israel of not allowing the sale of missile defense systems. The ambassador appeared to want the Israeli government to back its support for Ukraine with military aid. Korniychuk believes the U.S. is unlikely to object, saying Ukraine wants to buy a rocket interceptor system.
The Iron Dome defense system defends and destroys short-range rockets fired on it. For about a decade, the United States has supported Israel’s Iron Dome financially. It has provided about $1.6 billion for its production and maintenance, according to the Congressional Research Service.
Korniychuk said Israel last week also rejected a U.S. request for Germany to send Ukraine an Israeli-licensed Spike anti-tank missile.
Israel has been supporting Ukraine only through humanitarian aid. It was the only country to operate a field hospital in Ukraine. Israel appears to have avoided from helping Ukraine militarily because it believes it could provoke Russia, which has a military presence in neighboring Syria.

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