The Relationship Between Miles Guo and the Morgan Family

Miles Guo said in his Grand Live Broadcast on June 8 that Mr. Morgan’s attendance and Mrs. Morgan’s interview were one of the highlights of the second anniversary of the New Federal State of China. Miles Guo recounted his relationship with Mr. Morgan. Pangu’s full name is “Morgan Center Pangu Building”, which led to the jealousy of Wang Qishan, who had just become the mayor of Beijing at the time. The whole Liu Zhihua case, and later Pangu Magu, was confiscated, all related to Mr. Morgan’s name.

Mr. Morgan supported the NFSC, supported the G-series, and joined his wife in attending the second anniversary of the NFSC, all of which made the Chinese Communist Party extremely nervous, fearful, and angry.

Miles Guo revealed that Mr. Morgan was amazed by the miracles created by the NFSC many times at the ceremony, and was also lamented by the well-educated citizens of the NFSC. Mr. Morgan believes that the NFSC has much more international influence than the pre-rised Chinese Communist Party, even the U.S.  And Miles Guo, as the leader of the Whistleblower Movement, is changing the world. Mr. Morgan said he also saw himself in the NFSC.

Miles Guo finally emphasized that Mr. Morgan’s influence in the western world is enormous. For two years, Mr. Morgan has maintained financial cooperation with the NFSC and supported its campaign to eliminate the CCP, and made it difficult to express in words the significance of the New Federal State of China.

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