Three Ordeals CCP Can’t Evade

On June 6th, Miles Guo revealed during the live broadcast on Gettr that the CCP could not evade three ordeals: first, the CCP virus vaccine disaster; second, global CCP virus origin-tracing; third, the divine punishment for atrocities CCP has perpetrated in regions such as Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong. The impending terrible flooding and food crisis was also Miles’ biggest concern.

The combination of the above-mentioned issues would inevitably trigger the financial crisis worldwide. In addition, they would turn totalitarian states like Communist China, Russia, and Iran into a living hell.

Later, Miles noted that when the economic crisis struck, the U.S. had strong economic fundamentals as well as abundant capital, cutting-edge technologies, adequate oil, and food for export. In contrast, Communist China without sufficient food or the advanced technology of proprietary intellectual property rights had to face the skyrocketing oil price and unimaginable repercussions.

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Translator: MOS Buddhism Team — Ronald Yan
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