Miles: Turn Hateful Memories Into Your Power And Let Go

During a chat with the Whistleblower Movement younger-generation supporters who are in their 20s on June 5th, Miles talked about his fondest memory. He shared his views that only pleasant memories were worth remembering and that remembering good experiences would bring happiness in life.

Miles said that although he had suffered a lot when he was detained in Qingfeng detention centre where he witnessed the massive execution of the June 4th protestors, he would not engrave that hatred in his mind. The only thing that’s enough to remember was his promise to those executed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that he would exterminate the CCP regime.

He explained that this is because remembering hateful events is a sign of you being incapable of achieving your goals, which potentially reflected that you are being conquered by the hatred memories. What the people should do when they experience sufferings is to let go of the pains and turn those painful memories into power. He told the youngsters that they would become the winner of their life once they could achieve this stage.

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