The Himalaya Dollar – HDO, Is Currently the Only Stable Cryptocurrency in the World

At the commemoration of the second anniversary of the New Federal State of China on June 4th, Miles Guo said a report by William Je, chairman of the Himalaya Exchange, pointed out in the Digital Journal that the Himalaya dollar is currently the only stable cryptocurrency in the world. It is also the top two most-watched cryptocurrencies.

When Miles Guo talked about H-Coin, he also said that H-Coin is different from other cryptocurrencies on the market, where their value may drop to zero at any time. It is because H-Coin carries the hope of the Chinese people to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party.

H-Coin has a stable H-dollar and value pegging. In addition, it has a capital injection before listing. These differences have kept H-Coin stable since its launch. In addition, Miles Guo revealed that H-Coin and H-dollar caused panic in the Chinese Communist Party. Internally, the CCP said that if H-Coin remains stable, there will be a lot of money coming in.

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