Special Olympics Cancels Vaccination Requirements for US Special Olympics

On June 3, according to foreign media reports, due to the face of huge fines, the Special Olympics announced the cancellation of the mandatory vaccination requirements for participants of the 2022 US Special Olympics held in Florida from June 5 to 12.

Representatives from the Special Olympics finally addressed rumors affirming their plans to cancel the mandate after receiving a $27.5 million fine from the Florida Department of Health due to the organization’s decision to force every athlete to get vaccinated, which is in violation of Florida regulations of vaccine requirements. Athletes who registered for the Olympics but were unable to participate due to previous vaccine requirements will now have the option to participate.

On the same day, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said at a news conference that it will not be tolerated by any organization trying to violate the medical power of others to make their own decisions; and that people have the right to participate in sports without showing medical documents. Since mandatory vaccines have nothing to do with honor and the ability to compete with integrity, it is unfair to marginalize unvaccinated athletes, and the Special Olympics’ final decision is a relief for these athletes.

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