Miles Guo: Fascinating Stories about the Financial District of Manhattan

In his Grand Live broadcasting on June 3rd, the founder of Whistleblower Movement, Mr. Miles Guo told audiences a short history of the Manhattan Financial District.

The Financial District of Lower Manhattan was completed in 1988. The area around the destroyed Twin Towers is called the Financial District. There are secret doors between the buildings underground. There is also an indoor garden in the building, which is used to host parties, called the Winter Garden. There are the symbols of the Illuminati and Freemasonry in the building.

Financial District, Lower Manhattan, as viewed from Governors Island August 2017.

Those who involved in the constructions are the world’s top financial companies, such as Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, etc. Later, the CCP tied companies, including Tiger Fund and Vanguard Group also joined the group.

To facilitate yacht berthing, despite opposed by countless people at the time, the financial bosses cut off a small piece of Manhattan Island, which is known as today’s North Cove Yacht Harbor. Miles said that such arrogance and ignorance were extremely bad for the Feng Shui in Manhattan.

In foreign countries, the concept of Feng Shui is also emphasized. The most obvious one is that the dome of the World Financial Center building behind the north cove yacht harbor is round and the building is square, representing the round sky and square earth. The building faces the Statue of Liberty, which is the Western belief. The area has been reconstructed after the September 11 attacks, the Financial District is the core part of it.

Miles had learned about the architectural complex at the New York Financial District in 1991. Miles adopted some of the concepts and cooperated with César Pelli, designer of the World Financial Center, when he built the Yuda International Trade Centre in China.

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