Mr. Bannon Refers to the NFSC as the Mainstay

During the celebratory activities for the 2nd anniversary of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on June 4th, Mr. Bannon said the NFSC exposed the CCP’s lies and is dedicated to overthrowing the authoritarian regime, acting not only as the forefront of the movement liberating the ordinary people in Communist China but also as the mainstay of the global trend for democracy and freedom.

Mr. Bannon remarked that Miles Guo has been committed to revealing the collusion between the CCP and Wall Street, warning the world about the infiltration of Communist ideologies, and is best known for founding the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC. As a core role in exposing the CCP’s falsehood, evil, and ugliness, the NFSC remains a unique existence among his other creations.

Mr. Bannon specifically stressed that the concerted effort of every fellow fighter in the Whistleblower Movement has discredited the CCP’s biggest lie that the Chinese people cannot govern themselves since they are too immature and chaotic to pursue the path of democracy. The Whistleblower Movement demonstrates that the oldest and greatest civilization could achieve democracy, freedom, the rule of law, and the dream of the one-person-one-vote system. Mr. Bannon said that the Whistleblower Movement and its farms worldwide have experienced remarkable successes over the past two years and will maintain its positive momentum. The NFSC would become the backbone of the world’s most important social and political movement.

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