Get Rid Of The Temptation Of Desire And Maintain The Basic Cognition Of Human Nature

In the Getter video on May 26, Miles Guo discussed the tragic experience of a friend who was in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone but took dangerous risks as an example. This explains that when the Chinese economy collapsed, even the former “Pearl of the Orient” and the Special Economic Zone also were impossible to escape the deep disaster brought about by the evil system. It is necessary to maintain a basic understanding of human nature, so as not to fall into a desperate situation.

Mr. Guo pointed out that if a person does not escape the temptation of fame, fortune, power and affection, he will lose the correct judgment on things and fall into the black hole of desire. If you can’t control yourself when your career is hit hard, you will be punished twice, and relatives and friends will turn against each other in an instant, or even violently. Without certain wisdom, such a fate is almost inevitable.

Mr. Guo advised his fellow fighters that they must have a normal and basic understanding of human nature and not put themselves and their families in danger. And one of the meanings of the Whistleblower Movement is to equip fellow fighters with the ability to predict disasters and take measures when disaster strikes.

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