Toronto Police Drops CCP Virus Vaccine Mandate

On June 1st, the Toronto Police Service(TPS) announced the end of mandatory CCP Virus vaccination policy, permitting unvaccinated officers and employees to return to work.

TPS’s vaccination policy was introduced in August 2021. It initially put 205 members, including 117 uniformed officers and 88 civilian employees, on indefinite leave after they missed the deadline to get vaccinated. In a recent statement, TPS spokesperson mentioned that the TPS had decided to allow unvaccinated employees and those on leave to return to work. According to the statement, officers will be redeployed, and civilian members will return to their original roles.

It is known that there are currently 101 employees away from work, who will be able to come back on June 21. “This decision is in response to the current public health and occupational health context of the pandemic and the unique nature of police’s work.” The spokesperson said.

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