Thirty Percent of CCP Virus Confirmed Patients Still Have Sequela One Year After

According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s research, Japanese media reported on June 2 that one year after diagnosis of the CCP virus, up to 30% of hospitalized people have sequelae like fatigue, breathing difficulties, and others.
The report is based on a questionnaire survey of 1,066 patients aged 18 years or older in 27 hospitals in Japan from January 2020 to February 2021. The results showed that the highest number, which is 13%, of patients with the CCP virus, felt fatigued after one year. Nine per cent (9%) of them have breathing difficulties. Eight per cent (8%) of them felt a decrease in muscle strength and concentration. Those who suffered from sleep or memory disorders are 7% of each.
Fortunately, most of the symptoms can gradually decrease over time.
The report also showed that the damage caused by the CCP virus varied by age. Older people have a cough, excessive sputum, joints, and muscle pain, while younger people show allergic reactions, taste and smell impairment, and hair loss. For the 1003 hospitalized patients who had moderate symptoms, abnormalities were found in 6% and 7% of the lung CT and pulmonary function tests performed on them one year after discharge from the hospital.

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