Miles Guo on the three gates to take down the CCP

At present, Communist China’s economic situation is facing serious challenges, and the Chinese government has held successive meetings to maintain economic stability. Domestic real estate continues to thunder, China concept stocks will face a full delisting, extreme Zero-COVID Policy, the crisis of a food shortage, the coming vaccine disaster, and the Taiwan Strait crisis are on the verge of occurring at any time.
Internationally, the US has announced that it will intervene militarily to protect Taiwan and support Japan’s inclusion as a permanent member of the United Nations, jointly building an Indo-Pacific economic framework. Secretary of State Blinken’s announcement of his policy towards Communist China, and the US’s strategic deployment in the Asia Pacific, intended to encircle the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
The New Federal State of China (NFSC) continues to spread the truth about the CCP Virus and COVID vaccines, continues to participate in the rescue efforts on the Ukrainian front, strengthens the NFSC’s financial system, exposes the CCP’s deep penetration of the US political, business, and judicial sectors, and promotes the use of the US to take down the CCP. The CCP’s internal power is used to take down the CCP.

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