Gfashion Buddha Series: Enriching the Practice of Righteousness and Embodying the Pursuit of Realm

Miles Guo said in a meeting with his comrades on May 30 that the concept of Gfashion Buddha series of clothing design is to combine the unique clothing culture with faith elements to alert people’s words and actions, reflecting the realm of righteousness and joy pursued by the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

Buddha nature is the original self-nature within each of us, and each person’s nature is Buddha or Bodhisattva mind. The Gfashion Buddha series expresses the change of man from ignorance to the five poisons – greed, anger, delusion, ignorance and doubt, and Buddha will tell us how to face ourselves and understand the world beyond ourselves. Gfashion Buddha clothing is worn to guide one’s words and actions with the philosophical wisdom of Buddha at all times; it is hard to believe that a person wearing clothing with Buddha printed on it goes to bully men and women, and it is believed that these clothes have mindfulness added to enhance everyone’s cultivation.

Miles emphasized that the destruction of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) is our means of the Whistleblower Movement, and that the NFSC we pursue is a realm of joy that can remove all the suffering and troubles of mankind. The “Buddha series” seeks is to put this realm on the body so it appears in every corner of the earth.

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