CCP Demands Mandarin Tests Regularly for HK Students

On May 26, the Hong Kong government announced that from May this year, it will regularly test the Mandarin proficiency in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools to further promote the so-called “bilingual education” of the Chinese Communist Party. This has sparked concerns.

It is well-known that Hongkongers speak Cantonese; however, since the handover of Hong Kong in 1991, despite the promise of “one country two systems” by the Communist regime, Cantonese as a language started to feel the pressure of being pushed aside.

This is not the first time that the Chinese Communist Party tighten its control in the name of promoting “bilingual education.” When it was first launched, it targeted the regions like Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and other places where ethnic minorities mostly live. At the same time, these places have always been subjected to suppression, crackdowns, and even, atrocities by the CCP.

The Communist Party’s so-called “bilingual education” is in fact the replacement of the local ethnic languages with Mandarin, which facilitates the Communist Party’s brainwashing of the ethnic people, especially children. In 2020, teachers, students, and parents protested against the cultural invasion of the CCP by going on strike at primary and secondary schools in Inner Mongolia, but the protests ended in vain.

Observers pointed out that immediately after Lee Ka-Chiu, an HK police officer but actually a CCP’s puppet, was elected as the new Chief Executive-Designate of Hong Kong, the CCP asked the Hong Kong government to conduct regular Mandarin proficiency tests, signaling that Hong Kong is following in the footsteps of Tibet and Xinjiang. This also confirms Miles Guo’s previous warning which he told publicly in a live broadcast in late April that all aspects of Hong Kong society would be strict in-line with the CCP’s demands after Lee took office.

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