Medicine Has Taken Over By Politics And Commerce

In a live broadcast on May 29th, Miles Guo pointed out that in the CCP Virus and COVID Vaccine disasters, politics and business have manipulated the entire medical profession and that doctors have gone from saving lives to killing people.

In this regard, Miles explains that in human history, doctors predate politics and are the most sacred group of people. The highest level of human civilization was the religious, then the doctor, and medicine was the most crucial part of human civilization, with doctors having absolute credibility in the courts.

Today, in Communist China, doctors serve only in politics, while in the United States, professional doctors are controlled by big pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, medicine, based on communication and research, is controlled by professional media such as medical journals. The entire human medical profession has been reduced to a vehicle for political and commercial interests.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the forces of evil in the West have used the medical profession to take advantage of people’s lives, causing doctors to lose their authority, conscience, and humanity and become accomplices. At the same time, Whistleblower Movement is spreading the truth about this human catastrophe and reclaiming the essence of the doctor to save the world.

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