Biden Makes Clear to Keep Taiwan Safe

Miles Guo mentioned in the GETTR on May 23, 2022 that only the Whistleblower movement in the world has made it clear that the United States will definitely protect Taiwan. Biden’s trip to Asia made it clear that as long as the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) attacks Taiwan, the United States will definitely protect it, and may even eliminate the CCP in one fell swoop.

Miles said that when it comes to fighting the CCP, the United States has many options. It can either fight quickly and end the battle in three to five minutes, or it can drag on and fight a fatigued battle for a long time to exhaust the CCP.

Miles believes that after Biden’s statement on Taiwan this time, there will be two possibilities for the CCP’s strategy against Taiwan: one, hold the troops and do nothing, and second, surround and not fight.

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