The Communist Chinese State Media Influencers Blame The US For Monkeypox

According to a story by The Epoch Times on May 29th, 2022, it talks about how the Chinese state media and social media influencers in China have claimed that the monkeypox virus originated in a U.S. laboratory. They’ve also made claims that monkeypox will cause the next pandemic, even as European and U.S. scientists point out that the possibility of a pandemic is extremely small because of the close contact needed to transmit the virus.
Hmmmm you can smell the BS for miles, the absolute hypocrisy of the totalitarian communist regime is staggering they seem to be impervious to their own lies as they are so accustomed to it. I suppose it will all be Trump’s fault as ‘orange man still bad’ in mainland China. The problem is, the real everyday Chinese citizens will believe all of this arse gravy as they are totally brainwashed by the communist dictatorship and have been for many decades now.
“Jimu News,” a subsidiary of state-run Hubei Daily Group, published an article on May 23rd implying that monkeys that escaped from a truck involved in a traffic accident on January 21st in Pennsylvania have something to do with the recent monkeypox outbreak in the United States and Europe. Wow, unfreakinbelievable eh propaganda overload yet still a huge percentage of the Chinese population will actually believe it as they will think it simply must be true if it is on the news, a bit like all the sheep in America and in fact all over the world that watch and listen to the totally corrupt mainstream media and just the same actually think wow it must be true if it is on the news.

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