Japan to follow U.S for Taiwan Strait Crisis Against the CCP

It was reported on May 23 –The possibility of the CCP attacking Taiwan is very likely, said a commentator on Japanese media. This is another civilized country that expressed the same concern followed by repeated warnings from Miles Guo of the Whistleblower Movement and former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
Guests participating in the program said that Xi Jinping will not give up his ambition to invade Taiwan. At present, few countries in Asia have imposed sanctions against Russia, which gives Xi more confidence to invade Taiwan, and that the CCP regime will not be isolated like Russia. Besides, Xi may use nuclear deterrence to shuffle off the interference from the United States.
Masahisa Sato, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Liberal Democratic Party, said that Xi Jinping will turn Taiwan into Hong Kong without using direct warfare due to the failure of Russia’s invasion. Japan should follow the United States and prepare for the conflict in the Taiwan Strait.
In 2019, Miles Guo of the Whistleblower Movement debunked the CCP’s “Double Dragon Plan” to thoroughly take over Hong Kong and then Taiwan, by cooperating with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The situation in Russia and Ukraine now astounds radical cadres of the CCP. However, it will not shake Xi Jinping’s ambition to conquer Taiwan. Both the United States and Japan now are ready to deal with the CCP’s attack on Taiwan.

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