Chinese Communist Party Boosts Surveillance of 6.4 Tiananmen Victims’ Mothers Before June 4th

Taiwanese media reported on May 29 that as the 33rd anniversary of the “89.64” Incident approaches, the CCP has further increased its monitoring of the mothers of Tiananmen victims. In order to prevent them from being interviewed, the CCP has used technical means to prohibit their cell phones from answering overseas calls.
Zhang Xianling, age 85, said that every year before “64”, the CCP authorities will send people to monitor the members of the “Tiananmen Mothers” and prevent them from communicating with the outside world. But this year the CCP took new measures to ban their phones from answering all calls from abroad, and so did the phones of other Tiananmen Mothers members.
In addition, Zhang Xianling thanked the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (HKASPDMC) for holding the Victoria Park Candlelight Gala on June 4 for the past 30 years. Although under the suppression of the Hong Kong Communist government, there will be no commemorative activities this year. But she believes that the candlelight to mourn the victims of Tiananmen Square has been scattered from Victoria Park and will be lit forever in every corner of the world, always igniting in the hearts of everyone with a conscience. It is understood that over the years, 64 members of the Tiananmen Mothers have died. But due to the addition of young families of the victims, there are currently about 120 members of the Tiananmen Mothers. Although they live under the CCP’s surveillance and suppression all the year round, their determination to insist on seeking justice for the children slaughtered by the CCP has never changed.

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