Suspended Doctor in Italy Asks House to Investigate the CCP Virus Vaccine

On May 24th, an Italian doctor and endocrinologist, Giovanni Frajese, delivered a speech to the House of Representatives. He proposed the establishment of a commission of inquiry to investigate the severe consequences of the CCP virus vaccine.

Frajese said he had provided the agency with scientific data for further study. He noted that two doses of the vaccine over six months had zero protection. Between the seventh and ninth months, the protective effect was negative. The experimental mRNA vaccine now has consequences never seen in history. Vaccinated people are more susceptible to infection than unvaccinated people. Compared to expectations, the results were just the opposite.

Professor Frajese said the worst situation is that the Covid-19 vaccine disrupted the body’s natural immune system. The loss of immunity will lead to the occurrence of hundreds of diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a CCP virus vaccine investigation committee to thoroughly investigate the interests behind the forced implementation of the vaccine, the deaths, and various sequelae caused by the widespread use of the vaccine and restore truth and justice to people.

Giovanni Frajese has been suspended for questioning and refusing to receive a coronavirus vaccine. The CCP virus and vaccine have plunged humankind into the darkest moment. The virus catastrophe broke out globally, and the facts should never be concealed. Brave doctors and professionals are working around the clock to study and extract evidence from the approved documents disclosed by Pfizer monthly. Eventually, the truth about the CCP virus and vaccine will be revealed in court.

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