Farewell to Medyka, NFSC Gets Ready for the Next Journey

On May 27, news came from the Medyka rescue front line, where fellow fighters were making various preparations before evacuation.

Some fellow fighters were saying goodbye and wishing each other well with the volunteers from various countries they met at the front line. Some of them were organizing various equipment and items before evacuation. And others were recording memorial videos, hoping to leave more good memories. All of them were preparing to take the yellow vests signed with their names back to their farms as souvenirs. There were also several fellow fighters who were still distributing leftover candy to the children in Ukraine. In their different ways, the they were saying goodbye to the beautiful town that brought them so many memories.

As more and more Ukrainians returned to their hometowns and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) fellow fighters were evacuated, it marked the successful conclusion of this phase of our rescue work. But as Mile Guo said, the participation in the rescue of the Russian-Ukrainian war will become a great history of cooperation between the NFSC and the world. The rescue in Medyka is over, but the New Chinese of NFSC will appear again in different places and with a different and new look. The fellow fighters will be organized and ready for the next journey. We also look forward to reuniting with more fellow fighters on more occasions.

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