Beijing closes visa application centers in the name of pandemic

Multiple media sources have reported that Chinese Communist Party authorities have recently closed a number of the countries’ Visa Application Centres (VAC) in Beijing, making it more difficult for people in communist China to leave the country.

On May 23, the British VAC in Beijing announced that in view of the current pandemic and the requirements of the Beijing Municipal Emergency Command for the Prevention and Control of the CCP virus Pandemic, the British VAC was closed to visitors from May 23 onwards, pending further notice. On the same day, the Beijing VAC for Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa were also temporarily closed for the same reason.

Prior to that, both Canada’s VAC in Shanghai and Beijing were closed on March 28 and May 9 respectively, and Italy’s Beijing VAC was also closed on May 9.

Observers say that VACs closed one after another. Many people in China have been affected in their travels for study, visiting relatives and work. The CCP is getting closer to shutting down the entire country.

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